International Scientific and Theoretical Roundtable "The Problems of Artistic Heritage Restoration in Central Asia"

22 November 2005

25-26 November, 2005, Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The conference will consists of Central Asian museum representatives to present their experience and obstacles in preserving their national collections. In response, international restoration experts from France, Russia, Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey will present the work of their institutions as well as in-the-field restoration activities.

The conference is organized by Restaurateurs Sans Frontieres, Ministry of Culture and Sports of Uzbekistan, Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, UNESCO Office in Tashkent.

The outcome will be a plan which applies the expertise of international experts to the Central Asian institutional needs and on-the-ground realities. A resolution will be drafted for cultural leaders from all participating institutions to sign committing their attention to the foundation of a regional restoration initiative.

  • Provide a platform for discussion on regional restoration issues;
  • Create a dialog between regional museum workers concerning restoration;
  • Address regional restoration problems with models provided by international restoration institutions;
  • Start the adaptation process of international models to the Central Asian environment;
  • Draft a resolution to begin building a regional restoration initiative

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