Sport without Borders in Tajikistan

18 April 2017

On 11 April, 2017 in Dushanbe (Tajikistan) a sport event "Sport without Borders" was held, dedicated to the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace. The event was organized by the National Federation of UNESCO Clubs in Tajikistan in partnership with a number of organizations.

More than 150 children took part in the event. The event took place in the specialized school No. 3 for children with disabilities.

UNESCO pays great attention to the development of physical education among young people and the increase of interest in sport. Sport is a common passion for men and women around the world. It underlies physical well-being and the expansion of social rights and opportunities. In particular, the most disadvantaged groups of the population. There is no more powerful tool for educating the values ​​shared by all of us - solidarity, responsibility, respect, honesty, team spirit, aspiration for equality and self-esteem than sport. Sport provides an opportunity to attract every person, including refugees and migrants, to fight against stereotypes and to strengthen the foundations of peace in a healthy society.

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