UNESCO Activities in Kazakhstan

The UNESCO Almaty Office works in the Republic of Kazakhstan through and in cooperation with the National Commission for UNESCO and partner networks in its fields of competence. Read more

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28 August 2020 4th Sub-Regional Training for Trainers in the field of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Central Asia
24 August 2020 ResiliArt Debates in Central Asia 2. Cinema Industry: Youth and Working Perspectives during and after COVID-19
18 August 2020 ResiliArt Debate: Young Professionals of the Cinema Industry in Central Asia: Future Perspectives during and after the COVID-19 Pandemic
12 August 2020 International Youth Day 12 August 2020
10 August 2020 UNESCO convenes partners to coordinate support for cultural heritage after the tragic explosion in Beirut
6 August 2020 UN Secretary-General warns of education catastrophe, pointing to UNESCO estimate of 24 million learners at risk of dropping out
30 July 2020 Call for Applications: Communication Consultant
17 July 2020 ResiliArt Debate. Future of Creative Cultural Industries: Voices of Creative Industries in Central Asia
16 July 2020 Illegal excavations and online trade of cultural property looted in the midst of COVID- 19
14 July 2020 14 July UN Chamber Music Society ResiliArt Concert
10 July 2020 UNESCO statement on Hagia Sophia, Istanbul
25 June 2020 Taking stock, moving forward 50 years of combatting illicit trafficking of cultural property
11 June 2020 UNESCO call for experts in the field of cultural and creative industries
22 May 2020 3000 staff members from multi-graded schools in Kazakhstan were acquainted with preventive and control measures on COVID-19 in schools
22 May 2020 Children on sports, doping and competition